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1N5399 W10G ERD29 KBPC1504 2KBP086 B260 1N5400 B360 1DI300Z-100 ERD03 KBPC804 ESAD92-03 MP3510 KBU1002

Collmer Datasheets Catálogo-22

Nome do ítemFabricanteAplicativo
2DI30D-050A CollmerPower transistor module for high power switching, AC and DC motor control applications
KP823C04 CollmerSchottky barrier diode
1N5399 Collmer1.5 AMP plastic silicon rectifier
W10G Collmer1,5AMP Glass passivated bridge rectifier
ERD29 CollmerFast recovery diode
KBPC1504 Collmer15AMP silicon bridge rectifier
2KBP086 Collmer2 AMP glass passivated silicon bridge rectifier
B260 Collmer2 AMP surface mount schottky barrier rectifier
1N5400 Collmer3 AMP plastic silicon rectifier
B360 Collmer3 AMP surface mount schottky barrier rectifier
1DI300Z-100 CollmerPower transistor module for power switching, AC and DC motor controls
ERD03 CollmerGeneral use rectifier diode
KBPC804 Collmer8AMP silicon bridge rectifier
ESAD92-03 CollmerLow loss super high speed rectifier
MP3510 Collmer35AMP silicon bridge rectifier
KBU1002 Collmer10AMP silicon bridge rectifier

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