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Nome do ítemAplicativo
LL55F68 68 V, 2.5 mA zener diode
R2500F 2500 V, 200 mA high voltage fast recovery rectifier
ZMM55C5V1 5.1 V, 5 mA zener diode
RL151 50 V, 1.5 A silicon rectifier
SF82 100 V, 8 A super fast rectifier
HER802 100 V, 8 A high efficiency rectifier
SL14-M 40 V, low VF chip schottky barrier diode
BZX55B3V3 3.3 V, 5 mA zener diode
1N4736A 6.8 V, 37 mA zener diode
6A4 400 V, 6 A silicon rectifier
LL55B3V6 3.6 V, 5 mA zener diode
DL4738A 8.2 V, zener diode
1N5238B 8.7 V, 20 mA zener diode
BZX55B75 75 V, 2.5 mA zener diode
BR38 800 V, 3 A single phase bridge rectifier
RS101 50 V, 1 A single phase bridge rectifier
ZMM55C30 30 V, 5 mA zener diode
FM5819 40 V, chip schottky barrier diode
SR1045 45 V, 10 A schottky barrier rectifier
HER206 600 V, 2 A high efficiency rectifier
BZX55F3V0 3.0 V, 5 mA zener diode
ZMM55C15 15 V, 5 mA zener diode
HFM106 600 V, chip silicon rectifier
1H3 200 V, 1 A high efficiency rectifier
RS103 200 V, 1 A single phase bridge rectifier
1N4748A 22 V, 11.5 mA zener diode
HER157 800 V, 1.5 A high efficiency rectifier
SR120 20 V, 1 A schottky barrier rectifier

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FORMOSA MICROSEMI CO. LTD was founded on July 1996. The original founder and chairman of the board, madam Irene Yang , worked at quality control department of an American company -General Semiconductor Co. in 1970s. Then she changed to Rectron CO.,Ltd. to be in an office of a deputy manager of the production department and a factory manager, etc. In 1986, she established DII TAIWAN CO., LTD. (The said company now belongs to the Liton Group). Afterwards, she also established MicroSemi TAIWAN Co., LTD. (The said company is an affiliated company invested in Taiwan by an American listed company) as the general manager. She has involved in semiconductor manufacturing for more than twenty years. Due to personal health reason, chairman Yang transferred most of her stock shares to present the board chairman & general manager, Mr. Ben W.P. Huang , in July 1997.