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D65502F KTC3878 KRA760E KRC823U MMBTA06 KF430BS KIA7025AP KDZ8.2V KF446A KTA1700 KRA729U KTC2815D KTA1271 KTN2369S E35A23VR KIA7035AT KRA721T KRX105E KIA7425F B15A45VI 2N3906S KIA4559F KID65004AF KRC111S KRC422 KIA7036AP KRC837E KIA7918P

KEC Datasheets Catálogo-60

Nome do ítemFabricanteAplicativo
KIA7019AF KECActive Low Voltage Detector
KTC3197 KECNPN transistor for high frequency applications and VHF band amplifier applications
KID65502F KECSingle Driver (Common Emitter)
KTC3878 KECNPN transistor for high frequency low noise amplifier applications, HF, VHF amplifier applications
KRA760E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KRC823U KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
MMBTA06 KECNPN transistor for driver stage amplifier applications and voltage amplifier applications
KF430BS KEC400MHz-500MHz Band(150ohm)
KIA7025AP KECActive Low Voltage Detector
KDZ8.2V KEC8.2V zener diode for constant voltage regulation applications and reference voltage applications
KF446A KEC400MHz Band(50ohm)
KTA1700 KECPNP transistor for high voltage applications
KRA729U KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KTC2815D KECSwitching Transistor
KTA1271 KECPNP transistor for high current applications
KTN2369S KECNPN transistor for high speed switching applications
E35A23VR KECAlternator Diode (Negative)
KIA7035AT KECActive Low Voltage Detector
KRA721T KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KRX105E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KIA7425F KECActive High Voltage Detector
B15A45VI KECSchottky barrier diode stack for switching type power supply applications, converter and chopper applications
2N3906S KECPNP transistor for general purpose and switching applications
KIA4559F KECDual low noise operational amplifier
KID65004AF KECDarlington Driver
KRC111S KECNPN transistor for switching applications, interface circuit and driver circuit applications. With buit-in 10 kOm bias resistor
KRC422 KECNPN transistor for switching applications, interface circuit and driver circuit applications. With built-in bias resistors (100 and 100 kOm).
KIA7036AP KECActive Low Voltage Detector
KRC837E KECBuilt in Bias Resistor
KIA7918P KEC-18V, 1A three-terminal negative voltage regulator

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