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CHX1094-99F/00 12-36GHz frequency multiplier.
CHA2098B99F/00 20-40GHz high gain buffer amplifier
CHX2093A99FF/00 10-30GHz frequency multiplier
CHX2092A-99F/00 10-40GHz frequency multiplier
CHM1192 K band mixer.
CHR2296-99F/00 36-40GHz integrated down converter
CHA2391-99F/00 36-40GHz very low noise amplifier
CHR0100A 5.8 GHz I/Q mixer. GaAs monolithic microwave IC.
CHA5296-99F/00 27-30GHz high power amplifier.
CHA2097A99F/00 20-40GHz variable gain amplifier
CND2047-SNF/23 10GHz frequency divider by 4 fixed modulus prescaler.
CHA2066-99F/00 10-16GHz low noise amplifier
CHM1191 K band mixer.
CHM1290REF/24 20-30GHz sub-harmonically pumped mixer.
CHA4092-99F/00 20-30GHz high power amplifier
CHM2378A-99F/00 W-band dual channel mixer
CHT3091A-99F/00 DC-40GHz attenuator
CHV2242A-99F/00 Q-band VCO based on Ku-band oscillator and Q-band multiplier
CND2050-DAF/20 0.5-11.5 GHz divide by 4 static prescaler.
CHA5297-99F/00 37-40GHz high power amplifier
CHA5010B99F/00 X band driver amplifier
CHA2094B99F/00 36-40GHz low noise high gain amplifier
CND2047-DAF/20 10GHz frequency divider by 4 fixed modulus prescaler.
CHA5290-99F/00 17.7-24GHz medium power amplifier
EC2612-99F/00 40GHz superlow noise PHEMT
CHA2194-99F/00 36-44GHz low noise amplifier
CHR2293-99F/00 20-24GHz integrated down converter
CHA5390-99F 24-30GHz medium power amplifier

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United Monolithic Semiconductors designs, produces and markets leading edge RF, microwave and millimetre wave components and components and integrated circuits (ICs) for the Telecom, Space, Defence, Automotive and ISM Industries. The company's strategy is to position itself as a "one-stop" supplier to the wireless microwave and millimetre-wave market, offering a broad range of standard and custom designed MMICs, along with an open foundry service. It has two production facilities, at Ulm in Germany, and Orsay in France, where the commercial headquarters and product design and development are also based.

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